Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cloth Monster On Wheeeeeels

Herro: Aria here.
I have stolen Mom's Laptop so I can clarify for you and Balloo what the "big cloth monster on wheels" is.
I used Google of course, because I wove Google, and I looked for pictures of cloth monsters on wheels. It took some very careful detective work, but I have learned that cloth monsters on wheels are called suitcases. Did I mention I wove Google?
Little brother Balloo thought that Mom fell in the suitcase and that he had to save her, but Mom was just getting more coffee. I'm not sure why he worries so much because I, Aria Marie, am always on high alert and will make sure Mom does not get eaten by suitcases.
There is one thing about this suitcase that concerns me though. There is only one and there are only Mom's stuffs in it. Where is Daddy's stuffs? Where is my stuffs? Balloo's coat is in there. I saw it! But there is no coat for me. Where is Mom going without me?!
Oh! There is a squiwwel. I hear him in my front yard! I must go see if I can figure out how to open this window thingy because I must catch him! He must not escape!
Oh, I almost forgot, Mom said something about getting Canada, or maybe going to Canada...is this Canada thing a treat? I will have to Google it, but first squiwwellies look out! Ready or not, here I come!


Frankie Furter said...

Aria Marie... I was very much worried after reading what Balloo said.. I am not so worried NOW that I know YOU are in charge.. BUTT what is this bidness about only HER stuffs being put in the wheeeeeeeelie thingy??? Where is she gonna put YOUR stuffs???

Amber DaWeenie said...

OMD.....what is happening? Can you unpacks da cloth tingy on wheels? Or maybe's you can hides in it too.