Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adopt The Internet With Pet Finder

In honour of their fifteenth anniversary Pet Finder is holding an event called "Adopt the Internet." People are encouraged to feature pets on their blogs, Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and whatever social media a person may have at their disposal. People are also able to take a pledge that they will tell at least one other person about an adoptable pet on Pet Finder. This pledge not only may help an animal in need of a forever home, but also gets the participants registered for a crazy good pet vaccuum. There are also badges and other fun techy things that I am not able to put up because we all know I am not so technologically inclined, but I wanted everyone to know that I support Pet Finder's Adopt the Internet.
I was hoping to feature an adoptable pet, but again my lack in Mac knowledge is coming back to haunt me. :) That said, you can go to Pet Finder here:
and perhaps find an adoptable pet of your choice. I searched for Dachshund within 100 miles of my zip code and was shocked to find that there were over four hundred results, all ranging from babies, mixed breeds and adults.
So, let's band together and Adopt the Internet and help some of these wonderful animals find their forever homes.
Happy anniversary Pet Finder: may you have fifteen more fantastic years.

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