Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Stowen Waptop

Herro. Aria Here. Mom's in the kitchen making coffee, so ssshhhh, don't tell her I bowwowed her waptop. I see Mom typing here all of the time telling you about her day, or ours, and I think it is time I tell you about my day. Since if she tells you, she might get it wrong. (Did you notice I am getting better at spewling)?
Mom says I have been a very mischievous puppy today. I don't know what that word means, but big bwother Gwacier says that it's a nice word for "bad girl." I am not a bad girl I told him. I'm still a baby-besides, I'm a Dachshund, I am curious by nature. (Big bwother Gwacier told me that I spelled Dachshund wrong. So I Googled it and found how to spell it).
Anyway, my day started with me sitting on Mom's chest staring lovingly into her sweepy eyes with my beautiful ones...oh she has nice ones too. Mom got up and I thought it was bweakfast time, but she just put us out to potty. I was vewy disappointed, but when I came back in, Daddy was making human bweakfast so I insisted that Mom put me on her wap so I could watch him cooking. It is vewy important that I supervise *ooooo big word* Daddy's cooking. He might drop something and I need to awert him to it.
After Mom and Daddy ate human bweakfast, with none for me, Mom said it was time for puppy bweakfast. I get vewy excited about bweakfast because Mom puts pumpkin in mine and Bawwoo's kibble because Bawwoo used to have a vewy stinky bum and Mom read somewhere-maybe on Google-that pumpkin would help him not to be stinky. (I wove Google. It is fun. I can wook up all of the toys I want Mom to buy. I even try to pick out new bwothers and sisters fwom doggy hotels called shelters, but Mom says not right now). Okay, back to my day.
After bweakfast Mom always puts fwesh water out and then sends us out to potty again. But this mowning I wemembered that Mom had left her coffee on the kitchen table. I wove coffee, almost as much as I wove Google. So, while Mom was giving water to Bawwoo and big bwothers Woscoe and Gwacier, I sort of hopped up in her chair and got on the table and had some. I couldn't help it. My wittle hound dog nose smelled it and I could not wesist. I didn't even hear Mom cawwing me to go out to potty. It was so tasty I didn't even notice her coming to scoop me off the table. I did get in trouble. Mom used her Stern Mom voice and I was sowwee, but it was so tasty.
After we went out to potty, Mom let us back inside and she bwought the toy box down. I was vewy excited because there are new bones in there and old bones that Mom found behind the couch wast night. She thought we didn't have any toys so she bought two new ones on Saturday, but then she found more wast night. It was vewy exciting.
So up until I stowe her waptop, I have been taking every toy out of the toy box. I'm not sure why she puts them in there in the fiwrst place. They are so much better all over the fwoor.
I don't know how Mom does this without moving. I have had to go and wook out the fwont window to bawk at squiwwels in our fwont yawd so it has taken me a wong time to write this. Well, I must go for now. I think the coffee is awmost made and Mom will be back soon. Pwus, not all of the toys are out of the box yet and I hear another squiwwel scuwwying out in the yawd.
Wots of Puppy Wove
PS: I asked Bawwoo if he wanted to say anything, but he is too sweepy fwom chewing on new and owd bones. So, he said no.

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