Friday, February 18, 2011

Road Trip!

"We're off to see the wizard, the wonderful wizard of..." wait, I think I may have my destinations confused.
All right, so maybe it's not a wizard, but it is another Dachshund. Now before you go getting all worried, it's not for us!. The friend that drove us to get Doc, we'll call her T, fell in love with a little guy while we were there picking out Doc. She snapped a few pictures with her cell phone and sent them home to her husband in the hopes of him falling in love with him too. It must have worked because she called the breeder back that night and told her that we would be there to pick the cream brindle male up today. Even though it was a week away, the breeder said she would hold him. When T called last night to confirm, the breeder assured her that the little guy was still waiting.
He is older like Doc, but is super cute. He is a smooth coat and is a bit smaller than Doc. He and Doc had played like crazy when we were there picking Doc out, so it will be interesting to see how he does with the rest of our guys. T is Isis's Mom and comes over often for play dates. We also make Petsmart dates together because she can drive and she also enjoys going to the pet store. Most other people don't like going with me because I get extremely picky about the stuff I am buying and take forever. LOL
Glacier is obviously coming with us, but I'm not sure who else will come for the ride. I thought about taking Doc to see the breeder because she loved him so much, but I think it is too soon. He is just settling in now. You can tell he is feeling more comfortable because he has eaten all of his meals without any encouragement yesterday and today and he also gets excited when I get the bowls out. That is a new development. He is also running and playing more and I am afraid that if I take him, it would undo all of that. So, Doc will stay home.
Aria loves getting out and probably be a good choice. The only thing is that she hates sitting still in the car. More accurately, she hates sitting still the majority of the time. She wants to be in your lap, in the back seat, looking out the window, looking out the other get the point. She has also developed this little nasty habit of barking lately and she barks less when she is tired. In that sense a car ride would be good for her.
But what about the baby? Balloo sits in your lap nicely during the ride and just likes being around...well, me. He likes his Dad, but he definitely is a Mama's boy. That could be a reason to leave him home; get him used to being around Mr. K a bit more. I have to go to my parents' for two months in April to get our wedding organized and also to get my Portuguese passport. (My Mom is Portuguese). I can only bring one of the little guys home with me and I can't decide between Aria or Balloo. So, maybe today would be a very small trial run for that.
Listen to me. I can't even pick which dog to take on a trip with me. I'd take both, but that might be a bit much for the new guy to hop in a new car, with new people with three new dogs-one of whom weighs 75 pounds. Regardless of who comes, Glacier and I are off on a road trip today. Maybe I'll be able to give you a photo recap later tonight.
Happy Friday! (And if you're in the South, enjoy the very warm weather. I'm from Canada, 79 in February is very warm)! :)


Amber DaWeenie said...

Doc just sounds like such a little sweetie pie. You'll make the right choice on who gets to go on the trip.

Have a safe trip today. It'll be 80 here today too.


3 doxies said...

Awwwwwe...T is gettin a little doxie! How wonderfuls...her life will nevers be da same from now on...hehehe! Mum wants a cream doxie.

I agrees, I wouldn't take Doc eithers and I can you dis cuz I knows everything;)


Jess and Glacier said...

Amber: I think you would like him. He is one of the most laid back Dachshunds around.
Puddles: You are absolutely right-as you always are. Smart and beautiful, that is a dangerous combination.
hugs to you both
PS: We want a cream some day too. :)