Thursday, February 10, 2011

The Fluffy Thief Strikes Again

Herro. Aria Here.
Mom is busy packing our stuff into boxes so we can move into our new house. So she didn't notice me bowwowing her waptop. I have a stowy to share with you and I wanted to make sure I was the one telling you because Mom might get it wrong.
This mowning Mom was wunning around the kitchen cweaning it to make sure the house is nice for the new people to wook at it. When she was done, she said it was bwushing teeth day. I was vewy excited because the goopy stuff she puts on my teeth is vewy tasty. Big bwother Gwacier says it is cawwed toothpaste, but I don't bewieve him. I will have to Google it. I wove Google, awmost as much as I wove the goopy teeth bwushing stuff.
Mom said I could go fiwrst because I am the pwincess. Well, I added the pwincess pawt, but I know she thinks I am a pwincess. I was so excited that I accidentally bit Mom's finger when she was bwushing my teeth. My tuwn was over much too quickly and so I twied to cwimb into everyone else's mouths when they were having their teeth bwushed so I could have some more. I couldn't help it. The goopy teeth bwushing stuff is vewy tasty. I wove it awmost as much as I wove coffee, but Mom doesn't wet me have coffee. She wets me have tasty teeth bwushing stuff though.
Big bwother Woscoe was the wast one to get his teeth bwushed. He hates getting gwoomed, especially if he has to have his ears cweaned, but Mom didn't do that today. Just teeth bwushing.I twied to wick his mouth, but he wouldn't wet me so I wemembered that Mom had weft the tasty teeth bwushing stuff on the kitchen table so I went to check if she had weft her chair pulled out. Mom and Dad know I wike getting on the table and so they have agweed to push the chairs in so I can't cwimb up. Sometimes they forget though and I can still get up there. I can't help it. I am the pwincess and I can see my kingdom better fwom up there. Besides, Mom might have weft her coffee there for me. Anyway, back to teeth bwushing.
I wemembered that the goopy teeth bwushing stuff was on the table so I cwimbed up and took it. I twied to be vewy quiet. I twied to tiptoe. It's hawd to tiptoe when you have four feet. Big bwother Gwacier cawwed them paws. Is that wight? Paws? Hmmm, I will have to Google that.
Anyway, I sneaked back to the puppy couch as fast and as quiet as my puppy feet would wet me. I guess I wasn't fast enough, or quiet enough because Mom wemembered the teeth bwushing stuff and went to check the table. I stayed vewy quiet on the couch twying not to wet her know I had the teeth bwushing stuff. All I wanted was beautiful cwean teeth. I am a pwincess and pwincesses must have white teeth wight? But she knew and she knew even where I was hiding. She came wight over to the puppy couch and took my tasty teeth bwushing stuff. She even put it up in a cupboawd I don't know how to cwimb to. Well, at weast not yet I don't. I was vewy disappointed. Oh, a big word-I wooked it up on Google. I wove Google, awmost as much as I wove the new tree cookies Mom and Dad put out for us.
The onwy weird thing is that Mom says we can't eat the cookies and every time me and Bawwoo are near the giant pan, she picks us up and plops us on it and says in her happy Mom voice
"Go potty."
Really? She wants me to potty on the tasty tree cookies? I am confused. Big bwother Gwacier says it is an indoor potty cawwed the Fwush Potty-wait, no Flush Potty. I don't bewieve him. I will Google it. I bewieve Google.
Anyway, that is my stowy and don't wet Mom tell you I am a "mischievous" puppy. Oh another big word I wooked up on Google! Because I am not "mischievous." I just wike cwean teeth. That is good wight?


Amber DaWeenie said...

Dat is absolutely right! And I be stickin' to, not da flush potty ting.

Jess and Glacier said...

Yes teh horrible Fwush Potty thing. See Mom? It is not good.
I think she figured that out though because she bwought it outside so we cannot have anymore tree cookies.
Amber, do you wike cwean teeth? Does that make you a pwincess?

Oskar said...

Clean teeth is a very good thing, excellent job!

Nubbin wiggles,

Rudy - The dog with a blog said...

Furry thanks for stopping by our blog (and following) - we love new visitors!
I'm your newest follower, and look forward to reading your blog!
I'm glad to hear you like the "tags"/descriptions I leave for the pictures - I have many blind/visually impaired followers, and I thought it would be great for them to be able to understand the basic picture.
Have a great Thursday,

Rudy's Raiser

TheBlindGuyreviews said...

WOW is all I have to say, WOW! Honestly though I picture aria sounding more like Marry Poppins than a child with a horrible speech impediment.

Jess and Glacier said...

I am very happy everyone stopped by to visit and thanks for following. :)