Friday, January 28, 2011

"I think I can, I think I Can, I Think I Can..."

Earlier this week I posted about how Mr. K and I are researching the breeding/training/showing process for Miniature Dachshunds. Well, let me tell you, this is not going very smoothly. I had sort of suspected this and that is part of the reason why I have started now while Balloo is still a puppy and definitely not ready to be a daddy. I've emailed over half a dozen breeders with minimal results. Some haven't replied at all, one referred me to a breeder I had already contacted and one stopped corresponding with me after they found out I was blind. Coincidence? Maybe. I did also tell them that my geographical location was pretty far from them, but it's just strange that they were helpful until I disclosed my disability.
At first, I was discouraged. I was angry and didn't know where to go, but after talking to Mr. K about completely unrelated things, a new plan started to form. This plan was cemented when a friend from Ruled By Paws commented on one of my earlier posts.
Why not work with what we have?
Aria did fantastically in her basic obedience class and she seemed to enjoy it. Her trainer, we will call him The Great Dane Guy, also wanted to see her advance to the next training class. The Great Dane Guy also breeds Great Danes and has a Bull Mastiff rescue. Neither of these dogs are my breed of choice, but it would be interesting to volunteer at the rescue and learn as much from him as I can. He is an incredibly knowledgeable trainer and probably could tell me if Aria has the aptitude to continue. I figured I'd talk to him about Aria getting enrolled in class and then volunteering at his rescue and with his breeding program. I already have a rapport with him and I'm thinking the "blind" thing wouldn't be an issue for him. In fact, I think he would embrace it as a challenge and adventure and would be a forward enough thinker to help with creative ways to problem solve issues that may arise.
Mr. K and I have already talked and he thinks it's a good idea. We were originally going to put Balloo into the basic obedience class for training and socilisation, but I can teach him those things no problem. The Great Dane Guy may let us bring Balloo to Aria's training class for socilisation and that would take care of that. I can start training Balloo on my own and that will also give Aria and I an opportunity to review the basics and polish them. Who knows. Maybe I'll discover that training and showing are more interesting to me than having my own breeding stock. We may go talk to The Great Dane Guy today or Monday, so I will keep you posted as to what he says. I've thought about phoning him, but I think it's something I want to discuss with him in person.
Anyway, this is my revised plan. What do you think? Suggestions? Constructive criticisms? Confirmations?


Brooke, Phoenix, Cessna, Aspen & Canyon said...

I think this is an awesome plan :) It sucks that the great dane guy won't be available for this class, but sometimes it helps to learn from different people. I started out learning from Dogs In the Park and now am lerning from a woman who owns and shows her own poodles - who would have thought!! Each trainer has a different way of teaching and sometimes one way works out a little better than another even though it might be tough at first to deal with the change. I'm meeting with the poodle lady again in Feb with Kelly & Ace, will let you know how that goes. Good luck Aria!!

Jess and Glacier said...

Thanks. I think you're right. As of right now, we're tarting on March 19th because of the timing of the other class and our friend who drives us schedule.
If a class with The Great Dane Guy pops up before then, though I may be tempted to put her in with him instead. I am going into Petsmart to talk with the other trainer to learn about his trainin style and that sort of ting.
Good luck with the Poodle Lady. lol