Monday, December 06, 2010

Christmas Shopping

Christmas is less than twenty days away and I am still in the process of shopping. I have nearly all of Mr. K's gifts bought and a few friends' presents, but that is about it. I had all of the dogs' presents bought too, but their wonderful grandma went shopping and bought them the same things I did. So, now I have to take most of their gifts back and buy new stuff. I'm not complaining, that just means I get to go puppy shopping again. :)
I had bought the big boys a Busy Buddy and the little ones as well, but that is one of the things grandma got them. So, it's back to the drawing board. I found a really neat site-I think it is
They have a few fun toys that could substitute the Busy Buddies.
I have humans to buy for, of course and I'm hoping to get out shopping this week. I may have to do a bunch of my shopping online this year, since getting around tends to be a problem. Either way, I love Christmas and giving gifts, so even if I have to buy them online, I'm sure it will still be fun giving them.
So, happy shopping to all of you out there. :)

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