Monday, November 22, 2010

Some Progress

It seems to me that I have been bitten with the creative bug. I managed to finish my first chapter at the end of last week and today I have pretty much finished Chapter two. I just need to close the chapter and edit it. There are a few spots where the dialogue is awkward, but I am sure that will work itself out eventually.
It amazes me how quickly time flies by when I'm writing. The first chapter I sat down and wrote in basically three and a half hours and I didn't even notice. Today, the same amount of time elapsed and I couldn't believe it.
I know where I want the book to go, but working out the little details that will get me there are sometimes hard to find. That said, when I do have the inclination to write, everything just comes pouring out. I usually find time to write when the dogs are napping early in the morning after they all have been fed and out for their second bathroom break.
I make a gigantic cup of coffee and settle in with my Laptop, a fuzzy blanket, Aria and Balloo squished on to my lap and Glacier sprawled at my feet.It makes for a good morning. :)

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