Sunday, November 07, 2010

A Moose On The Loose

Well, it's been four days since Kyo went off to save the world. Based on the updates I've gotten, I'm not sure he's quite there yet, but he may get there. :)
Today was a fundraiser/awareness event for PAALS, so I went and volunteered some of my time. I was there from about 10:00 AM until about 2:00 PM. It was actually chilly and we were all bundled up against the wind.
A few of the dogs in training were present-Casper, Spirit and Grace-but no Moose. He has been spending a lot of time with J and she said they bonded quite a bit last night. When she got home, they cuddled on the floor, which makes me happy because Kyo is a fantastic snuggler: it's one of his favourite activities.
She said he's been "catching on" quite well, but his separation anxiety is getting the better of him. He barks very fervently when left alone and today, when J tried to load Spirit and Casper up in the car, Kyo wrapped his front legs around her legs so that she couldn't go anywhere. It was all very comical to hear her tell it because she had to drop everything in her hands and physically drag him to his crate. He was not letting her go out without him! She said he bark/howled as if someone was murdering him when she finally got out the door, but they are working on it and hopefully it will get better.
We both figure it's because it's a lot of change and it has only been four days. He probably thinks she's leaving him randomly too. Poor big guy.
Yesterday he played outside with everyone all at once and it went well. She said some dogs get him more worked up than others, but that is normal. Spirit is a sweetie when she is out working, but get her out playing and all Hell breaks loose. Either way, he is making some progress and it's all about baby steps. If he makes the initial six week evaluation, then he's got another ten months or so ahead of him. So, four days is nothing. :)

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