Friday, November 19, 2010

Creative Girl

Since I am currently unemployed, impatiently awaiting my massage therapy license to come through, I've decided to find a new way to keep myself occupied. I've been making jewelry here and there, but the problem with that is that it gets expensive to buy the materials and then do nothing with the stuff when I'm finished. I'm picky about my jewlwry materials as well, so I kind of refuse to buy cheap stuff. I love going to bead specialty shops and picking out beads. I particularly enjoy semi-precious stones like Jade and Tiger's Eye. I also am partial to glass beads. I've made a few things with wood and that is cheaper to buy, but I thought I should find a hobby that isn't so expensive. So, I am trying my hand at writing.
I have had an idea for a book floating around in my brain for the last month or so and yesterday I sat down and started committing words to paper-or at least to computer memory. :) The first chapter isn't quite finished, but I've got about 3320 words so far and I'm actually quite happy with it. Today I'll put the finishing touches on the chapter and maybe add a bit more detail and then, if I haven't run out of steam, I'll start designing my second chapter. Sometimes the chapters just pour out of me, but others, I have to actually think about where I want the story to go next and how I'm going to do that; so I write out ideas and write a few thing out in rough before continuing on.
I don't actually know if I will finish the book, but it is worth a shot. :)

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