Sunday, October 24, 2010

Never A Dull Moment

I'm sure I've used this title before, at least something similar, because quite frankly, there really is never a dull moment. Especially not when you have four dogs mucking about. This morning was no exception.
Today being Sunday, I decided that I would try to sleep in. As usual, it didn't quite work. The dogs always wake me up around 7, but Kyo decided that 5:30 suited him just fine this morning. I put everyone out to "park" and then ushered them all back to bed. They let me sleep into about ten, but then started snorting, snuffling, licking my face and whining from their respective crates. (Kyo and Aria are crated at night and when we are not home). So, I finally gave in and got up. I fed everybody and gave them water and then put them all out as per our normal schedule. Since Aria is so small and still is a puppy-4 and a half months old-I try to make sure that all of the dogs have frequent bathroom breaks to reduce the house accidents she may have. Her pottie training is coming very well-I don't think she's had an accident in about two weeks. (Knock on wood).
I was feeling rather lazy, so I went back into the living room and curled up on the couch witha pillow and a fluffy blanket. I didn't dose or anything, just laid there and enjoyed the peace and quiet. About thirty minutes later, Roscoe barked at the back door to be let back in. (Under normal circumstances, I wouldn't let the working dogs off leash unsupervised, but ever since I moved here, I have been letting them out to play in the backyard because they don't get neough work. I'm worried they will get over weight and out of shape if I don't let them out. I can't wait ntil I find a better location to live, but that is another story).
I went to the door and let the dogs back in, but there were only three. Roscoe came in first, followed by Glacier and then Aria. I thought that maybe Kyo wasn't ready to come in yet, but I called him anyway. There was no response. I pulled the treats out of the cupboard by the door and shook them calling him-a definite way to get him back, but still no Kyo. I began to panic. Kyo has escaped our backyard before. We originally thought he jumped the fence, but today's experience shed some new light on that.
I immediately went to the front door and called him and he still didn't show. I grabbed my phone and started texting everyone I knew with working eyeballs to come and help me track him down. It's really scary when you're blind and your dog takes off. I mean, it's terrifying for anyone, but when you can't see to go look for him, you feel helpless and panicked. You are wasting precous time waiting for other people to show up to help look for him. In that time, he could be getting further away, or worse, eh could be hit by a car. I was still in my pajamas as it was supposed to be my lazy day, so I ran to the bathroom to have a shower, but for some reason something distracted me-I think it may have been a text from someone-and at that moment I thought I heard Kyo knock on the door. He raises one paw and whacks the door with his paw. It has a very distinctive sound.
Trying not to get my hopes up, I ran to the front door and opened it and called him softly, but no big Moose dog. I ran to the back door and opened the door and shouted his name. To my great relief I heard thundering paws running toward me and a big panting face came through the door. I wanted to hug and throttle him all at once. He was so thirsty eh ran straight to the toilet and began drinking out of until I put water down in a bole for him. I started to think that I was going crazy and that I had over reacted. Had he been in the backyard the whole time? Maybe he just ignored me when I called. But, why was he panting so hard and so thirsty? Did he jump back over the fence?
Some of my questions when a neighbour friend called me. She explained that he busted through the fence at the back of the yard and had gone down the street to play with a Yorky. Kyo and his love of little dogs. She explained that the woman of whose yard Kyo broke into, saw him and went to get him. She said he was very friendly and happy to see her and let her stick him back through the hole into his yard. The only reason she knew who he was and was comfortable approaching him was because our neighbour friend's husband ha filled in on who we were and who each dog was. She thought he might be a guide dog or something. Regardless, I'm so greatful for her and that Kyo is safely back at home again.
Now, we have to get someone to check out that fence and see how big the hole is. The first time Kyo escaped we had bought a run lead for him from Pet Smart and had used it until this week. I had been letting him free to play with his brothers and sister to burn off some energy. Well, I've learned my lesson. No more lazy dog owning for me. Kyo is not to be off leash unless I'm back there and he's got his collar with the bear bell on it. That may go for the other guys too, depending on this hole.
What is odd to me though, is that all of them were back there. Why didn't they follow him? I mean, I'm really glad they didn't, but what made them stay? Maybe it's because Glacier and Roscoe are trained that certain sizes of spaces are obstacles and they shouldn't go through them-like if a doorway is too narrow or something. Maybe Aria thought it was too far to follow him, since she is so tiny. Either way, I'm just so thankful and glad everyone is home where they belong, snoring away curled up together on their blankets.

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