Monday, August 30, 2010

He's a Popular Guy

Today Glacier and I attended a friend's bridal shower. There were probably at least fifteen women and a few random little children crammed into a very small space. Glacier came with me of course and although I was a bit worried at first, I learned very quickly that he's a super star.
When I first got Glacier, his distraction work was horrible. He was really good at Leader Dog, but after I got him home I think he realised that he weighed almost as much as I do and began sniffing/eating whatever he wanted. This was something I had to work very hard with him and I am happy to say that after almost two years, he's getting it.
There was food everywhere and some of the little kids tried to sneak him food whenever their moms weren't looking. I mean, you can't blame them-they were about a year and a half and were allowed to feed their pet dog. Glacier was definitely interested, but stayed lying quietly at my feet; only moving his ears every once in a while to listen closer. He'd also wiggle his eyebrows as he looked closer at the offered deliciousness, but he never moved a muscle. I was a very pround mom.
Even after most of the food had been put away and I took his harness off, he remained lying quietly at my feet. He would adjust once in a while, but as soon as he stood up to move I'd just gently remind him that he should be laying down and he'd resume his down position. There were evena few times when his leash slipped out from beaneath my bum and he stayed put. It was just nice to se him come so far.
He was also really good with the kids. One little girl kept crawling to him-she was only 8 months old-and would try petting him, which consisted of her clumsily whacking him lightly. She also crawled over his paws a few times, but Mr. G never budged. He did wash my friend's little brother's face, but the kid is almost seven and lives on a farm with cows, horses, 8 dogs and some chickens and donkeys. I'm not worried about him. :)
This outing made more confident in his ability to ignore people when I start working. As a massage therapist, Glacier will be exposed to new people almost on a daily basis and be tempted to greet the clients he knows. It's good to know he can stay focused on his job.
I remember Jetta at his age and there is no way she would have done as well as Glacier did. Jetta was my wild child. lol That said, I was at a different stage in my life and Jetta fit in then and Glacier fits now. It's funny how that works.
Either way, I'm just really proud of him.
PS: my triathlon training is coming along. Today I did a 30 minute walk/run; going 3 minutes running and 2 minutes walking. It was hard after yesterday's hour bike ride, but I at least finished. The running is definitely going to be the weak portion of the race for me. That just means it has more room for improvement. :)

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