Monday, March 16, 2009


My baby turns two today! Happy birthday Ice man. We all love your giant white head and big, sloppy, wet tongue.
Thanks to my classmates who threw Glacier a surprise birthday party at lunch. The food was excellent and Glacier and I both appreciate that you thought about us. (My classmates gave me the proceeds from the potluck to help offset the expensive vet bill I incurred when Mr. G decided it was a good idea to eat random things and needed to have his surgery. There really are good people left in the world)!
Glacier got a Nutro dessert after his supper and he thoroughly enjoyed it. Tomorrow after first class we’re taking him for a run before our midterm starts. I’m planning on getting him a new nylabone as well. We just haven’t made it to the pet store yet.
So, happy birthday baby boy and hopefully many more…as long as you promise not to eat string, Velcro and other such things again.


L^2 said...

Happy Birthday Glacier!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday to you
from jon lars and lu