Saturday, January 10, 2009

Change Is Good

2009 is definitely full of changes for me-some of which started at the end of last yearbut now the magnitude of all of these changes has really taken hold. I have a new dog, which everyone knows, started a new program, and I'm now in an apartment on my own with Glacier for company.
I think that is the biggest change I have to get used to. I am so used to always having either Tenie or Carmen around to go and talk to if I need to, but now it's just me. Both girls are now in Scotland completing a Master's in European Archaeology. I wish them all the best, but damn, doI ever miss them. The nice thing about living on my own though is that I have the freedom to kind of do my own thing whenever I feel like it. I can crank the music whenever I want; when I come home from class the place is quiet so I can wind down; I can get up as early as I want and don't have to worry about bothering anyone; and the best part, the mess left is my own! :) I can be as messy or as neat as I want. It's nice to be able to do the dishes one day and still have an empty sink the next.
I also think living on my own is giving Glacier and I the opportunity to bond really well. It's just the two of us and so he knows that I'm in charge. He seems more affectionate than when we were at my parents house and his work is improving at a very high rate. He's a lot of dog to handle since he's so big, so I think this situation is extremely beneficial for us both. Besides, I've only had him for three months, I really don't want to share him just yet. :)

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