Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Celebrate Good Times!!!

HAPPY ANNIVERSARY JETTA!!!!!! Can you believe it? We’ve been together for five years. I remember the first day I got you perfectly.
Laura and I were awaiting the arrival of our new dogs patiently. She on her side of the room and me on mine. The door was open and we could hear the trainers walking in some very excited, strangely named dogs. I can remember thinking, “please no stupid names! I have to take that dog to university with me.” Jeorge, my trainer, was the first trainer to come into our room. He told me my dog’s name was Jetta and that I should call her when he entered with her. (He was very adamant that her name was Jetta not Jetti). Jeorge did not tell me the sex or the breed of my dog until he came back. He took my leash that I had been carefully breaking in for three days and returned with a very hyper Jetta yanking his arm off. He said, “call her,” and I said, “Jetta come here baby.” She was so excited she came bounding into the room, still attached to Jeorge, and ran right past me in typical Jetta style. Then she turned around and ran past again licking my bare leg in the process. When Jeorge finally handed me the leash, I climbed onto the floor to check out the little black ball of energy that was bouncing crazily around. It was love at first sight-well, at least for me. After Jeorge left he shut the door and I sat on the floor touching and petting my new Jetta, but she did not want any of it. She stood perfectly still with her head up and ears perked staring at the door. She stayed in this position for nearly two hours. I was pretty sad that she loved Jeorge so much that she didn’t’ want anything to do with me. During this prolonged stand off, Willow, Laura’s pretty little yellow lab, was brought in. Laura and Willow spent their time talking and petting on her side while I still sat in the hall of our room trying to persuade Jetta that I really was interesting. Although we have had rough times-including those first two hours, we’ve come a long way and she is my best friend now. We still do things that annoy one another, but I know that she would give up her life for me and I would do the same for her. We work well as a team and I wouldn’t trade her for any other dog. That said, unfortunately, I can’t do anything exciting with her today because I have to swim twice today. So, we’ll be heading back to the pool this afternoon. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll take her for a nice long walk and we’ll stop in at the pet store to find a new bone or something. 
Happy anniversary to Laura and Willow too!!!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Yeah its definitely a day to remember when you get your puppy. Luther just flopped on his back displaying all for the world when I was introduced to him. Funny thing is, right now he's in a similar position, lol. Congrats on making it this far, and for many more anniversaries!

L^2 said...

Happy Anniversary girls!
What a sweet post! I'm sure that is a day we will never forget.
Willow and I haven't done too much celebrating here yet. We made a trip to the grocery store earlier, but that is probably Willow's least favorite place to work, unless we're buying dog food and/or bananas (which we were not there to get today). I guess I'll have to come up with something more fun for us to do later.
Laura and Willow

Jess and Jetta said...

Luther's owner:
lol Why am I not surprised? He's a sweetie.
Laura and Willow:
Thanks! Having you guys there made it all the more memorable. :)