Saturday, February 03, 2007

Shop Till We Drop

The girls and I headed out to the mall this afternoon after Tenie had finished working at her professor's lab. (She draws pottery and gets paid for it. Plus, it's great experience). We hopped the bus, which took about an hour, and ended up at the mall. I was starving and it was absolutely necessary to feed me before the shopping trip could continue. We stopped in at the Body Shop and I finally got my hands on the lotion that I like to use. I run out about a week ago and I've been going nuts using other stuff. :) Since my skin gets so dried out and itchy from being in the chlorene so often, I have become a lotion snob. We then headed over to Lasensa where we all indulged in pretty underwear and Tenie and Carmen found great bras for tomorrow night's formal. The chocolate store was the next stop. Tenie bought us chocolate covered strawberries in the shape of roses and they taste amazing! I have never tried chocolate covered strawberries before tonight and I was seriously missing out. Of course I bought Jetta her doggie friendly chocolate covered cookies and she was very excited. The sales clerk even gave Jetta a huge free cookie and she got a piece of it in the store-she promptly polished their floor with her slobber. There was chocolate body paint for sale and it was very intriguing to discover that there were nutritional facts listed on the label. What is our world coming to? Tenie and I conducted our own social experiment while walking to the bathroom. She said jokingly as we left the chocolate store, "you never hold my hand anymore!" So I grabbed ehr hand and we wandered down the mall holding hands. It was interesting to note that people loooked twice, but because I had the dog they decided it was a form of guiding. Next time we will have to conduct this research without Jetta and see if people's reactions change. (I am guessing they do). Man, I like fucking with people's heads!
After three hours or so of shopping we've returned home to watch a movie, eat chocolate and get our toes painted. (Oh and drink rum). Tomorrow is the archaeology formal and I am looking forward to it! Last year it was soooooooo much fun-I'm pretty sure there is a blog somewhere in my archives about that night. Anyway, Carmen has arrived to paint my toes purple for the occasion, so I better get going. I'm sure I'll be back on Sunday with a million stories about Saturday night

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