Monday, January 29, 2007

It's been a while

So, I've been back to school for practically a month now and it's only been now that I have been able to sit down and blog. It's not for lack of time. Although I'm quite busy, I just haven't had access to the internet. My computer went down way back in December and I haven't had the money or time to fix it. But now it's back, so hopefully I get back into the groove of blogging on a more consistent basis. Last semester I wrote very infrequently, so I will try this semester to do a better job.
Quite a bit has happened since I wrote last, but I really don't have time to write about it now. I have decided that today is "work my ass off to get school work done" day, so I better get at it. It took me nearly a half an hour just to plug all of the cords back into my PC-computer reassembling is not user friendly under normal circumstances, try plugging everything in by touch only. Makes things interesting. :)
Anyway, I must start reading "Violent Origins," and write out my reflection on the a million pages of reading we've been assigned this week.
Talk soon-that is a promise!

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