Thursday, December 07, 2006

Happy birthday Jetta!!!!!!

If everyone hasn't noticed, it's the seventh and that means it is Jetta's birthday. She turns six today! So, between me studying for my upcoming finals, pots of coffee, swim practice and whatever else I need to get down between now and Monday, I am going to make sure Jetta has a great birthday! She already got a chocolate doggie cookie-and yes, it was dog safe chocolate. They're her favourite! Her little brother Loki and little sister Sisu were forced by Auntie Carmen to give Jetta happy birthday wishes, by being picked up and hopped up and down on Jetta while she flaked out on the couch. :) Jetta didn't even flinch. Later I am getting a massage...and Jetta will be very happy because the massage therapist is one of her favourite people-she licks the oil bottle regardless of whether he tries to hide it or not. :) We're also watching Ashley's and Chris's cat, Tyser, so we'll also go for a nice long birthday walk. She loves walks!
Jetta says thanks to everyone who has already left her birthday wishes...I would have posted this post earlier on Jetta's behalf, but I have been studying! She said she doesn't mind-she's been napping with Auntie Tenie since swim practice endded.
Anyway, happy birthday my best girl! You are so cute and I love you!!!!!!


Little Johnny said...

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L^2 said...

Hi Jetta, hope you had a great birthday. And Jess, hope the finals are going/went well for you. We are Christmas tagging you, so if you have time to play the game, come visit our blog for the directions.
Happy Holidays!
Laura, Willow, and Stella