Thursday, November 16, 2006

The Crazy Randomness That Is My Life

Things have been pretty nuts around here as of late. I went to Taylor's funeral a few weeks ago-about two weeks ago-and it was good. It was a nice ceremony and it gave me a chance to grieve. I really didn't cry until one of his very good friends talked and then when the priest said, "I always believed that all Scots and Irish should go out to the pipes," and they played a rendition of "Amazing Grace." I also learned a lot about him before I met him-his friends got up and told stories about when they were younger.
Since then, we've had Christena's birthday party, which was a Disney Princess theme and included a Fantasia party. We ate so much food and ice cream cake I could barely walk! Carmen and I decorated with balloons, pictures printed from the internet, Disney Princess plates/napkins/table cloth. I made punch and decorated one of our gold armchairs so that it looked like a throne. We even had birthday hats. Totally six year old, but with a
Fantasia twist. :) It was fun. We went out for supper on the Sunday, which was her actual birthday and she made us wear the hats until food came. They messed up our orders a few times, so we ended up with free cake for pretty much everyone and of course Tenie got hers for free because it was her birthday.
This past weekend, I spontaneously hopped a bus and went into Toronto and met Nathan-one of the councillors that I hung out with when I was working at camp this summer. I tried to get other people to go with us, but no one wanted to. We wandered around and went to Castaloma-which is a house built in the early 1900's and was owned by a man who owned 25 percent of the Canadian economy at the time. The depression came along and he lost his entire fortune. Anyway, they have opened it up as a museum and so we checked it out. Jetta was very well behaved I might add.
Speaking of Jetta. She is enjoying her university experience. For example, last week, she went to Christena's night class. I had been writing an essay all day and she'd had a small walk in the morning, but I think she had house fever. So, off she went with Tenie. Tenie's prof was showing them pottery and Jetta danced over to her and the professor was like, "Oh, would you like to see too?" And proceeded to put the pot down at Jetta's nose level. This pot is thousands of years old!!! And, Jetta just got to stick her nose in it!!! :)
Oh, and the Monday of that week, Jetta and I were in class and she got a little mouthy. We arrived late-woops-and so I slipped into the back of the room and sat down. Jetta was grumbling at something, so I corrected her and she stopped her huffing. About fifteen minutes later, when my prof was in the middle of discussing structuralism and its function in folklore, Jetta let out the loudest "woof," I've ever heard. Everyone jumped, the professor included and then turned to her and said, "Do you have a question?" I nearly pissed myself laughing.
Of course the fun of our house doesnt end there. This Sunday, at midnight, Tenie's mom showed up and surprised us. I was fast asleep as I had practice at six A.M., but Tenie had not been feeling well that day, so when I heard walking back and forth I got out of bed to see if she was all right. Turns out, Mommy Lois-the nickname I have given Tenie's mom-was at our front door. She had brought a million tons of food and Carmen and Tenie were frantically trying to get it into our house. So, I helped unpack and then we decided we were hungry and Tenie's mom wanted grease. So, Tenie and I hopped in the car-in our pajamas no less-and drove over to Mcdonald's. She got a few weird looks from the person serving, but the looks we got when we walked into the convenient store to buy diet Coke were even stranger. :) By this point it was super late and my body had decided that it had a nap and it was wide awake-so I got two hours of sleep and went to swim practice where I was given a test set...ouch! The pain in my legs was amazing, but it was exciting because I was kicking faster than I thought I could. So, that was a positive.
Wow, this is long and very jumbled up, but I thought I'd just bring everyone up to speed on the craziness that is my life.
Oh and did I mention the million assignments due in the next few weeks? Once those are finished it's time for finals. I can't believe how fast this semester has gone. I really must make a greater effort to blog next semester. :)

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