Friday, July 28, 2006


So, after setting my plan to be a camp councillor a month and a half ago, I finally get to go. We are leaving in less than four hours to start driving. (I was sleeping, but I abruptly woke up about half an hour ago. It was super hot in my room). Unfortunately there has been a mix up with Tenie's student loan and I have to drive all of the way to Waterloo first, but after we will drive to the camp. My mom and uncle-her brother-will be driving me and my cousin-his son-has agreed to feed the cats while the house is empty this weekend. My dad has taken himself on his own camping trip, which my mom and I practically forced him to take. I guess I'm like him. We both get super cranky if we don't have a change of scenery in a long time, or get out into the "great outdoors."
I guess I'll get my mix of mosquitoes, campfires and lakes for the next two weeks. I am not completely sure what awaits me. I just know they are going to be long days, but I think it'll be worth it. I really wanted a week with kids, but for some reason they gave me two weeks of adults-even though my resume and cover letter mostly talked about my experience working with children.
Lindsay gave me my early birthday present as she will be gone back to Ottawa when I'm gone and I'll also be celebrating my birthday out at camp. She got me an MP3 player loaded with a few hours of songs for my trip. She made sure it was user friendly and it was pretty neat to get it. She got me a lime green "string" to put it on it so that I can carry it. There was also a purple butterfly charm for my Italian charm bracelet and a purple butterfly necklace. They're too cute!
Anyway, back to camp-I digress. I am pretty excited, but a little nervous at the same time. I have never really done anything like this before and I guess I'm a bit worried. I can't wait though because it'll be good for Jetta. She's been so bored the past couple of weeks. This will be good for her.
Anyway, I don't think I'll get to write while I'm out there, but wish me luck and I'll probably tell you all about it when I get back. Also, Tenie will be back from Jordan and Germany when I get home, so that will be exciting. I went over to her house last night and had chocolate ice cream with her little sister. I promised her that when Tenie got back we'd have a girls' night with movies and such things.
Yes, so I am off because I am hungry. :) Have fun while I'm gone and don't do anything I wouldn't do. :)


L^2 said...

Hi Girls,
Have fun at camp! Hope you have a great time. And Happy early Birthday Jess!!! :-)

Amy and Zoom said...

Happy b-day! Sorry you're away for it so we can't sing happy birthday to you ;) but oh well.. I'll get cha when ya come back ;) Have fun at the camp. It will be good for Jetta:) I'm sure she'll have fun!

Don't forget bug spray and sunscreen! =P

Expat Traveler said...

sounds like a fun time. Can't wait to hear when you come back.

Expat Traveler said...

oh and happy bday.

Katherine said...

Hope you enjoy camp! I"m sure they'll all love you and Jetta.

Charlie The Big Dog said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY from Charlie, Opy, and all the Dogs With Blogs!

Tigersan said...

Sombody told me something about a birthday :)

A big "HB" to you from me ;)

L^2 said...

Hey girls,
Hope camp is going well!
There's a new tag game going around on the blogs we read, and we have tagged you. You'll have to come check out the game post on our blog, to find out how to play.

Laura, Willow and Stella

Jess and Jetta said...

Hi everyone, thanks, I'm back now, but can't write family is up from vancouver and all over the place must go, but i will write soon