Thursday, June 22, 2006

Top 13 Reasons why I love Jetta

In light of yesterday's "Great Escape," I thought I'd write the 13 reasons why she is a great dog and I love her.
1. Look at that face! Who could look at that face and not love her? (You can find many pictures of that cute little nose on my website).
2. The way she curls up beside me when I am feeling sick, it's cold outside, or I just need a hug.
3. The way she is so alert and attentive. One of my profs that I have had every year I have been in university once said, "She never sleeps during class. She's always watching me. It's almost like she's learning too."
4. The way her ears perk up when she sees someone or something that is interesting. (For example, seeing Christena randomly at school, seeing Ashley and Medley walking toward us when we've decided to meet somewhere).
5. How she is nice to other dogs.
6. The way she runs like a maniac when I let her go at a park. She runs faster than even greyhounds, her ears flapping and her tail straight out. (This running is also why we could not catch her yesterday, but I still love her enthusiasm for freedom).
7. The way she crosses her paws when she is wearing her harness.
8. The way she trots in harness. This dog does not know how to walk!
9. The way she snorts and splutters when she puts her face in something she shouldn't have and I tell her off. (Example, under a dusty couch).
10. How princess-like she is. "I am not walking through that puddle are you nuts? I don't care if you get your feet wet, but my paws are precious!"
11. The way she asks me to hold her bone while she chews it.
12. How excited she gets when she finds something I have asked her to find. (I believe I've commented on this somewhere before).
13. The way she loves me and deals with my crazy antics. (Like making her go whale watching, trecking through strange cities and stuffing her on too many airplanes to count).

All in all, she is amazing, regardless of her need to defy the "come" command. I love her very much.


Little Johnny said...

You forgot her incessent pillow humping, that's kinda cute dont ya think?

Dr. A said...

What a great topic! I'll have to try that sometime. I don't have a dog, though. I do like my golf clubs - what a strange entry that would be. I'll have to try it. Thanks for the advice!

Jess and Jetta said...

Little Jonny:
Her pillow humping has already been discussed in a previous entry. Besides, she doesn't do it here at home. Her "humping pillow" is not here.
Dr. A:
I'll have to keep a watch out for that golf club entry. That would be very entertaining. :)

Katherine said...

Aw, she's a doll! She clearly adores you. The thing I love about dogs as how they're so darn happy all the time. It's hard to be in a bad mood when they're looking at you, tail wagging, big smile.

Jess and Jetta said...

So true! Whenever I'm cranky she just starts roling and snorting and wagging her tail. She knows it always makes me laugh.
PS: I still can't leave you a "comment," but I still stop in on a regular basis.