Tuesday, June 27, 2006

In a Nut Shell

This weekend at my grandparents’ was a lot of fun. So, here is what happened in a nut shell.
Friday evening we arrived around 7 or so. We had stopped at a restaurant in the city before heading out. When arrived everyone except my Dad-mom, Jetta, Flash and me-got out of the truck and walked up the 1 kilomtre long driveway to the house. Jetta and Flash had fun chasing each other and tramping through the chest high grass that grew on both sides of the gravel drive. They both beat us to the top and when I saw Jetta again she was soaked. There is a little pond my grandpa dug out a long while back so he can use the water for his yard and such things instead of draining the well their house uses. She must have been running too fast to stop because her head was even wet and there was trampled grass at one edge of the “swimming pool” as we call it. I was so shocked because she hates swimming. The only lab I know that does. I spent most of the rest of the evening sitting on my grandparents’ deck listening to the birds and the dogs crashing through the forest. My dad showed me the wood piles he, my mom and grandpa had cut for the winter-our houses are heated by wood stove and electricity, makes it very cozy.
The next day I spent the afternoon staining bird feeders for my grandma. My shirt and arms were covered in it, but other than that I did a pretty damn good job if I do say so myself. Then, my Mom, Dad and the two dogs headed to the down town area-which is not so big-and walked around. We wandered the boardwalk reading the names of the different boats docked there. We also stopped at the restaurant there and I got a milk shake and water for the dogs. The sun was hot that day.
Sunday, we returned home after a hardy breakfast of leftovers from the previous night. Both of my parents had a steam bath (sawna for you nonFinns), and my grandpa too. He had brought home fresh fish that he caught that week and gave us a ton to take home. (We ate it tonight. It was delicious)! We also had a visitor before we left Sunday morning. It was raining and when my mom came out of the steam bath there was a beautiful orange cat following her. We figured he/she belonged to the farm up the road. We brought him/her into the house and fed it some dog food. It was so hungry it made little whining noises when it ate. It broke my heart. I told my mom it was lucky that we already had two at home because I would have taken this one in. My grandma promised to put food out for it every night.
So, dogs and humans alike came home tired, but a good tired. The sun had turned my cheeks and shoulders pink and Jetta and Flash were worn out from all of their frolicking in the wild flowers and overgrown bushes.
But the fun does not stop there. My mom, Jetta, Flash and I are going camping tomorrow until Saturday-which is Canada Day for all of you lovely American people. Upon returning that day, one of my best girls, Lindsay, will be home for a few weeks, and we’ll be going out to celebrate. Bring on the fireworks. I am excited for both the camping trip and the Canada Day celebration. I’m sure I’ll have plenty to ramble on about when I get back. The camp has little cabins, which we rented, with screened in porches. That means Jetta can go outside and enjoy the scenery and I don’t have to worry about her running away. There is a beach and we’re taking our fishing gear. I’m also picking up a braille Scrabble game for us to play and definitely a package of marshmallow for roasting. Oh, and of course, bug dope for Jetta because she swells up. It’s not her fault she’s a city dog!
Anyway, it’s late and I should probably try to sleep. I have to swim tomorrow morning before we leave.


L^2 said...

Hi Jess,
I had the strangest dream about you last night. We were at a swim meet (you were swimming of course, but I have no idea why I was there) and afterwards I was trying to help you pick out something to eat at a cafeteria or someplace like that. In a nut shell, it was the almost blind leading the blind (like that day we all went over to K-Mart when we were at Leader Dogs). I don't remember if you actually ended up with a meal or not, but Jetta and Willow seem to have been missing from this dream. Weird, right? :-)
Anyway, glad to hear you had lots of fun at your grandparents house. Hope you have a good time camping too - We haven't gone camping yet this year. I don't know if we will get to go this summer or not.

Jess and Jetta said...

lol That is so funny! I had a dream about you too last night, but Jetta, Willow and Stella were there. They were playing with Stella's orange ball and hiding in her purple dog house. Strange eh? :)
I hope you get to go camping. It's fun. If you ever come to visit again, we'll go. :)

Expat Traveler said...

sounds like a lot of fun. Yes Canada day is coming. I think we will head down the block to watch our parade here. But we don't get fireworks until the end of July.. Not sure why, but that is how it is in Vanacouver.

Amy and Zoom said...

Have fun camping and I'm glad to hear you had fun with your grandparents. Too bad about that little kitty but atleast your grandma will take care of it. I would have tooken it in a sec. also! Take care!

Jess and Jetta said...

Expat Traveler:
Wow that is weird. We're a border city so we'll be able to see the American fireworks too. We're lucky that way.
Amy and Echo:
I would have too, but it's my parents' house and they would have thrown me out. :) Ok, not quite, but pretty close.