Monday, June 19, 2006

"I will look into my crystal ball..."

Today my mom and I went and had our tea leaves read. I've always been a sucker for these things and it was a lot of fun. She had a lot of interesting things to say-like I'm stubborn as Hell and scare guys off, or that my grandparents' anniversary party is going to be a hit, and that I will get married some day and my partner will debate having children seriously, that one of my very close friends is depressed and that I have a heart of gold, but when I get pissed my tongue is a bit sharp...oops... etc etc. She told my mom a lot of interesting things as well. She even brought up my decision to take a break from swimming and go do something that "has to be done." (She didn't say swimming, but you start linking things to what she is saying. Don't say anything you psychology majors). That would be the councillor job. I actually filled out the forms this afternoon-the accident waiver and such-and will be sending it back tomorrow. I'm kind of excited. I've gotten way ahead in my classes and this will make it possible to go.
We then took Jetta for a walk on the boardwalk since yesterday we were rained in. We walked for a good hour and I think she enjoyed herself. She did an excellent job of guiding me around cyclists, baby carriages and other pedestrians. Although, she did want to stop once and sniff a young child. Silly Jetta.
My swim coach here has gotten me an appointment with a physio therapist so that we can get my shoulder injury sorted out. It's just been getting worse. Last night I was up all night because of it. (That was another thing she mentioned. She said that I did not have a clean bill of health, which is true). Hopefully, he'll be able to help me get my shoulder back on track.
Tonight is game seven between Carolina and Edmonton. Of course I will be cheering for the Oilers-I've always liked the under dogs. :) I didn't ask her about the outcome of the game tonight though-I figured it should stay a surprise. lol
Anyway, I look into my own crystal ball and predict that it is almost Jetta's supper time and that she is standing next to me pawing my arm. I guess I better feed her.


Katherine said...

Oh how fun! I love things like that. I wish I knew of a psychic that wasn't a scam, I'd go in a minute. I did have a tarot card reading in New Orleans like 10 years ago. One thing the lady said really stuck with me - she said I'd find a man who put me on a pedestal. I met the man who became my husband about 4 years later and her prediction definitely came true. Out of all the guys I dated, he was the one that treated me like a real queen, still does.

Jess and Jetta said...

Aw, that is awesome! I don't think she was a scam. There was a lot of things she said that I could not believe she knew. I have been to scammers, and this was different...and fun too! :)