Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I’ve had a pretty good weekend. I started feeling better and was able to get some productive things done. In fact, I was feeling so much better that on Friday night Tenie and I went running in the giant down pour we had. We didn’t go very far, just to the end of our street and back. That was just long enough that we got soaked and had to change our clothes. It was very refreshing-kind of liberating.
Saturday I slept in very late by accident. When I woke up, Tenie and I went on a mad cleaning spree. The floors got washed, the bathroom was scrubbed entirely, the cat litter was over hauled and the crap load of dishes in the kitchen were washed. After that we headed out to a local pub with Ashley for supper. There were a few guys playing pool who kept picking songs on the jute box. They were all classic rock and we couldn’t help but tap our feet under our table or sing a few lines here and there. It was a good night. We came back here and Tenie made some very delicious, creamy hot chocolate and we blabbed the night away.
Sunday Carmen’s friend brought the puppy he just adopted from the local shelter. He is so sweet! He’s only five months old and nearly the same size as Jetta. He’s going to grow up to be a big boy. He’s a collie/shepherd mix and so gentle and calm it’s amazing. I think Jetta’s more hyper than he is. Ashley came over after supper and she and I played a four hour Scrabble game, which resulted in me winning. I haven’t won Scrabble very often so I was pretty excited!
Yesterday was my first day back in the pool after being sick for so long. It felt horrible! My limbs felt heavy and there were flailing everywhere. I also was absolutely exhausted when I was finished. Last night I was in bed by 9, even though I had an hour nap after practice. This weekend I have a meet and I’m a little worried. It’s supposed to be a big deal, but I am swimming like crap because I’m still recovering. Oh well, I guess I’ll just have to go, have fun and do the best I can considering the circumstances.
Jetta also got new bones this weekend. Christena picked them up for her when she went to the plaza that houses both the grocery store and the pet store. Jetta was very excited about this. Medley and Jetta ar3 both big chewers and so when he comes over they chew the crap out of the bones that she has. We had to throw out about three of them this weekend because Jetta was pulling huge chunks off of them. So, now she has two fresh ones. We kept one old one for Medley when he comes to visit.
Anyway, I need breakfast. I’m starving. (Yes I still haven’t changed the time, it’s 6 A.M., not like 3).


Katherine said...

Good luck at your swim meet! You might be surprised what a boost a little break - even unintentional - might do for you.

Jess and Jetta said...

That's very true! :) thanks