Friday, April 14, 2006

Better Late Than Never

Ok, so my Thursday 13 is going up late, but I had a biology exam today and so I haven't been able to do it until now. So here it is!

Top 13 Strangest Things Our Animals Do
1. Sisu: Almost every time the toilet is flushed, runs helter-skelter into the bathroom to lean her paws over the porcelain bole to watch the water swirl to its doom.
2.Loki: continually devising ways to convince people he has not been fed. (Ex. rubbing against legs purring happily while running back and forth between human and food bole; human peers in; bole is full because different human filled it not even five minutes ago.). Nice try!
3. Sisu: perches herself comfortably in your lap and busies herself sucking on-can you believe it?-yes, her own nipple! (Usually results in her falling asleep in your arms).
4. Loki: is convinced he is a gymnast (lays stretched to his full length in unsuspecting victim's lap; flops on to his back; and hangs his head so far over their legs they must save his life). You would think he'd learn after the many times that people have retrieved him from his flight of disaster.
5. Sisu: feels it necessary to examine human's hole that is eminating high loud sound; also known as me singing. (often when i am singing she will weave around my legs, climb one leg, or at least attempt to and then press her mouth against mine). Weird!
We've talked about the cats, so what about the dog you ask?
6. Jetta: engages in self-gratification, or pillow dominance, whatever you want to call it. Either way, she balls her bed, blanket and pillow (only one certain pillow), together and humps it every night after her supper. Should I be concerned?
7. Loki: well..he just, barks He also yawn meows. (It's not his fault, really it's not. He had an infection in his nasal cavity as a baby...long before we adopted him). He still needs meowing lessons. Any takers?
8. Jetta: should have been a paramedic (When human is sleeping and Jetta is not, she must stuff her nose in human's face and stamp violently on human until some kind of noise comes out. "Are you alive?"). The best part is, once she's made you get up, she goes back to bed. How is that fair?
9. Loki: sits on Carmen's banister, which is above a twisting, steep staircase, and bats at his tail through his legs. (I think he has a death wish).
10. Jetta: hates water! Will not walk through puddles, go swimming...a lab who hates water! Need I say more?
11. Sisu: thinks it is very important to sit on sleeping humans' chest and meow loudly in their faces (Hmm, could she be taking a cue from her big sister Jetta)?
12. Jetta: Refuses to show humans any kind of affection unless they are asleep and unsuspecting (She often lies curled up against my back when I am sleeping, but if I am awake she will be in a different room or across the room). Do I smell?
13. Sisu and Loki: Can we say tag team? Loki often gets locked in the food closet-refer back to number 2-since his meow is not very powerful-refer back to number 7-humans are not aware of his predicament. Loving sister Sisu, sits outside of closet brrrrring-also called squirrelling-trying to alert humans to Loki's unfortunate circumstances. If the brrrring does not work, Sisu resorts to Brrring/meoooowww, which is much louder and more effective. Humans finally realize that the "man kitten" has, once again, been locked away. Upon rescuing, humans are confused as to why Loki has not eaten the open bag of cat food he has been sitting on. (Again, refer to number 2. He is perpetually hungry). This tragic story has played out more than once. :)

Allright so things are a bit strange, but at least they're interesting.
PS: Tenie and Carmen bought me 6 pink-tipped roses for my efforts in the pool this weekend. (They also are to soften the sting I received from my coach's negative attitude this weekend). They are soooooo sweet!!! Thanks girls! :)

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