Monday, March 13, 2006

Things have been very interesting around here as of late. Ever since Thursday I have been immersing myself in a fifteen page paper about Marx and the commodification of the health institution...and yes, that is a real word. At least sociologists use it. So, yesterday I needed a serious break. But when I first woke up, things did not go so well. I took Jetta out for her regular morning bathroom break. (AKA parking). She did not want to park in her usual spot as it was extremely water logged by the spring run-off. We argued for a while and then she finally decided she really had to go. She doing her poo dance-yes she dances when she has to go-and then stopped after two circles. I just figured she hd found a good spot. But she was taking a very long time! I went to check on her and found that she had managed to wrap the leash, closest to her neck, around the tree;including her choke chain. I nearly freaked out. I couldn't unclip the leash because the clip was wrapped around the tree branch too. They were cedar bushes and cedar does not break so well-they are supposed to be a bendy bush. I put my hand over her nose and she was not breathing. I finally dropped the leash and began threading it back out. Fortunately for me, I did the right thing and she came free. I have no idea what I would have done if I couldn't have gotten her undone. We went back inside the house and she was showered with kisses and cookies. It was pretty scary. I'm sure it took all of ten seconds, but it seemed so much longer! I settled back into essay writing keeping a close eye on little black Jetty. But I was restless. The sun was out and the air had warmed up so much that I didn't need gloves or a winter jacket-in fact, you could get away with a hoody if you really wanted. I worked for about two hours more on my paper, had some lunch and then decided it was way too nice to stay inside. Christena and I got a hold of Ashley and met her only to set off to one of our favourite shops. It's a little store that sells such things as, zenergy chimes, rocks, angels, Celtic jewellery, Etc, Etc. (It's very hippie/dippie, I love it)! After browsing around for a while, I found myself sifting through the stones. I found five that seemed to suit me and just couldn't pick, so I bought all five. (They are now sitting in the bole Christena and Carmen bought me for Christmas for that very purpose). I can't remember the exact names for all of them, but I'll look them up later. (For those of you who are not stone connoisseurs, each stone holds its own energy and meaning, again hippie/dippie). We then headed back out into the fantastic sunshine. And although we all had essays awaiting us, we could not bring ourselves to go home. So, we walked over to one of our favourite restaurants and ordered some supper and the best banana splits I have ever tasted! Mine was smothered in black, blue and strawberries. It was amazing! With full bellies, and a little taste of the sunshine, we were ready to get back to writing. Well, as ready as you'll ever be. We did run into a little road block on the way home though. As we were approaching one of the more popular pizza places in our area, Christena noticed glass shattered across the sidewalk. The pieces were thick and curled up: definitely dangerous for our babies' paws. I scooped up Jetta and carried her across with Christena guiding me. Then she went back for Ashley and Medley. Carefully guiding Ashley, Tenie carried Medley safely across as well. Jetta danced in anticipation as they got nearer. I think she thought there was something wrong with Medley. After the dogs greeted each other excitedly-even though they'd only been separated for five seconds-we continued on our way. We were lucky Tenie had been there, or something horrible could have happened to the pups' paws. (Thanks Tenie)! It was a good outing and Jetta thoroughly enjoyed it. (Carrying and all). Anyway, I should sleep, I have a busy day ahead of me and that essay is in its final stages of preparation. Sweet dreams all.


Katherine said...

I'm glad Jetta was OK, I can't imagine how scary that was with the leash getting wrapped around the tree. I'm jealous of your good weather! You deserved to play hooky.

Jess and Jetta said...

Hey Katherine, unfortunately for us, the wonderful has subsided and has been replaced by blustering winds and blowing snow. March is such a weird month for weather in Ontario! But Jetta has her paws crossed for spring so she can go play in the park.

L^2 said...

Hi Jetta,
Wow, that's very scary - gotta watch out for those trees! Glad you are okay, and that Christena was there to save you and Medley from the glass too! I got a sticker/burr in my paw the other day and dog did it hurt. I don't even wanna think about stepping on a piece of broken glass!

- Willow

Jess and Jetta said...

It was scary! And hope your paw is feeling better. hugs