Thursday, March 02, 2006

So, it's been a while. The past couple of weeks have been absolutely crazy. If you are planning on reading this, I suggest getting a cup of tea and getting comfortable-it might be a long one. The swim meet in Montreal went really well. I broke five Canadian short course records. (For you non-swimmers, short course means the pool was set up to be swam as 25 metres. Long course means it's set up for 50 metres. That is what they use at big international competitions like the Paralympics and Olympics). The day we left Waterloo was one of the craziest storms I have ever seen. It was only the second snow day for my university in the four winters that I have been here. The swim team rented a 14 passenger van and even it was getting blown all over the road. I'm pretty certain we shouldn't have been driving in it, but it all worked out. Christena, Jetta and I didn't know any of the swimmers beforehand because I usually train on my own. It's hard to fit practices in between classes, so my coach has been good enough to give up his time to run extra practices just for me. They were all pretty nice and we had a great time together. It was a nice feeling to be a part of a team. The weather was not much better in Montreal. When we arrived it was snowing and by the time we emerged from the pool that evening it had started raining. Over night we had flash freezing and everything was covered in a thick layer of ice. Poor Jetta's little paws kept sliding out from under her. I didn't really work her while I was there because she couldn't guide properly due to the ice. Jetta was not the only one havig problems staying upright. Friday morning, after the morning heats, the head coach was swept down a hill by the frigid, strong winds and his 9 year old son flew after him-when I say "flew" I mean heliterally flew! The wind picked him up and he slid down the road on his stomach. We were all sure he would have to go to the hospital, but surprisingly, he survived with not even a scratch. I almost joined them, but luckily for me, one of the senior swimmers was standing on clear pavement and was able to grab Christena's hand and help to yank me on to safe grounds. After that, he was always around to lend a helping hand just in case someone slipped getting out of the van or just walking down the sidewalk. The meet lasted four days and I swam 11 races. My body was definitely screaming at me by Sunday night, but it was all worth it. The van pulled into the Athletic Complex's parking lot at 2:30 Sunday night, and my God were we ever glad to be back. Everyone had been trying to sleep in the van, but it was way too squishy and it was impossible to regulate the temperature to satisfaction. (Jetta spent the whole trip curled up on the seat between Christena and I sleeping. Little brat). The next morning, Christena, Jetta and I headed over to the car rental dealership and got our wheels for our drive home. It was a pretty sweet car. A bright red G6, that turned into a coop because of its four doors, but that didn't make a difference to us. :) My cousin Chris hitched a ride with us as well because of my grandparents anniversary party. My time at home was spent reading articles for my 2 essays, watching television, eating way too much really good food and hanging out with my family. Christena, Jetta and I took Hannah, Christena's seven year old sister, to see Eight Below. It was a great movie, but I must admit I cried. I think Jetta had dreams about the dogs from the movie that night because she was overly active in her sleep-you know, the whole sleepy wuffing thing, jerking spastically. On Saturday, my family and I-Christena and Jetta included- headed out to the hall where the party was to be held and got everything ready. My mom and Auntie Carol cooked 2 hams, 2 turkeys, oven roasted potatoes, broccoli, pasta salad and others brought fresh bread and baking. (Somehow, I am sure there was more food, but I can only remember that). We decorated the hall in yellow streamers and balloons, fancy table cloths, chocolates in a pretty design on every table, Christmas lights, family photos and much much more. While we were decorating Jetta ran freely about the hall getting into everything possible. She attacked any balloon she could get her paws on and tried stealing things off of the tables-AKA chocolate decorations. It only took one time out for her to understand that chocolate is not for puppies. (Don't worry, the chocolate was removed from her mouth slobbery, but intact). When my grandparents finally arrived, they were truly surprised and excited. They didn't think anyone was going to do anything and had been a little upset. We spent the rest of the evening eating, drinking, dancing, more eating, opening cards, eating again and eventually cleaning up and heading over to the hotel my parents rented. Everyone's feet were sore, so I was employed as "certified foot rubber." (Tenie was nice enough to rub mine too. Note to self: next time skip the heels). Monday morning, we all piled back in our little red car and drove the 9 hours back to Waterloo. It was such a nice visit. I always love going home and sleeping in my bed-my grandpa, not the one that just had the party, made it for me when I was still in high school. It's sooooo comfy! Now that I am back, it back to the normal grind of university life. I've been to swim practice as usual, read for classes, researched for my biology paper and somehow along the way ended up with a head cold. The Confederation of the Bitches has also managed to score spa packages worth 350 dollars for an extremely reduced rate-I guess it's some kind of promotional thing. So within the next few weeks, we'll be treating ourselves to facials, nail treatments and many other wonderful things necessary to de-stressing. (I'm not usually much of a girlie girl, but sometimes it's nice to spoil yourself). Jetta is happy to be back. She loves working and she does more of it when we are here. The cats have been sleeping with me. I think they know I'm not feeling well. Between Jetta, Loki and Sisu there is barely any room for me in my bed. :) Anyway, this is probably long enough-and it was the condensed version. Jetta wants her supper and it poking me with her nose. Oh, one last thing. An update to a previous blog: the moron who nearly ran me over is now going to be barred from delivering to our university campus ever again. I have recently filed an official complaint with the harrassment officer of the university and he was pretty pissed. Students should not be treated that way, were his sentaments. So hopefully things get worked out there. Anyway, time to feed Miss Moo, AKA Jetta. I'll explain that nickname another time.

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