Wednesday, March 08, 2006

A few weeks ago I received an invitation to attend a networking dinner for women that are highly involved citizens of my university. Of course I accepted and tonight Jetta and I headed over to the university. (Okay, so I know I said before no more heels, but I wore them anyway. Jetta did a wonderful job guiding me very slowly and carefully. I am sure she was cursing me the whole way. Jetta is a fairly small lab and she is almost too short for me at the best of times. Wit the added height of the heels...well let's just say it was interesting). The food they served was fantastic-you know me, gotta love the food. We were all given name tags and put at tables to eat. We were also given interaction instruction. The point of the whole supper was to get women talking to each other and helping one another get stuff they either want or need. For example, one of the women at my table works for the Mental Health Association and they are in desperate need for volunteers. She was able to use this opportunity to recruit people to volunteer with her association. The woman who gave the presentation was great too-her name is Donna, but I can't spell her last name. She was actually training a guide dog as well. She had brought her with her and Jetta noticed at once. The dog in training was a black standard poodle named Scarlet. She was so excited to see Jetta: the poor thing nearly danced herself off the stage. After we ate our main course we were instructed to move to a different table for dessert. There we were introduced to more new people and worked on getting acquainted. I've never been a part of something like this before, but it was very interesting. I think this may come in handy for when I eventually get into massage therapy. Perhaps Donna will be able to suggest people I should talk to or schools that would be beneficial. Although I am almost certain I am going to end up in Vancouver. The school there is fabulous! Everyone commented on how well behaved Jetta was. And I must say she did a very good job. She lay quietly behind my chair and didn't even move when the server brought our desserts to us. (Good job Jetta, resist the chocolate). Anyway, I'm off to bed. I have an early morning tomorrow. (the time is not right on my blog. It is about 9:30 PM right now. I just don't know how to fix it).


L^2 said...

Hi girls,
It sounds like you had an interesting night.
I can try to explain how to set the correct time for your blog - when you are in your blogger account, on any page - like to make a post, there are 4 link tabs just below the Blogger logo. The links say Posting, Settings, Template, and View Blog. Click on the Settings links tab, and it will take you to a similar page that still has the 4 above mentioned links. Just below those are another row of links that will say Basic, Publishing, Formatting, Comments, Archiving, Site Feed, E-Mail, and Members. Click on the Formatting link. It will take you to another similar page and as you scroll down on it it will say things like Show number of posts, Date Header Style, Timestamp Format, Time Zone, Language etc. The one you need is the time zone - to the right of the label there is a drop down list that you can pick from (for example mine is something like UTC -06:00 America CST6/CDT). Hope this helps.

L^2 said...

Oh, and I guess I should say that after you pick your time zone you have to click a button at the bottom of the page that says Save Settings to save the changes to your blog - then it will ask you to republish your blog, and it may adjust all of the previous post times on your blog, for the new time setting.
If you want to change the time and date of an individual post, you can do that on the post page too. Let me know, and I can try to explain it if you want. :-)

Jess and Jetta said...

Hey Laura, thanks! What would I do without you? I will get right on that. The time thing was starting to annoy me!