Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Christena and I got our invitation for my grandparents' 50ieth wedding anniversary in the mail yesterday. Today we rented the car to go home, so it seems everything is starting to come together. I am looking forward to going home. Tenie, me, Jetta and my cousin Chris will b driving home on the 20 of February. Our reading week starts that weekend, but I'll be in Montreal competing in the Eastern championships-otherwise we'd go home earlier. One of my friends is going to look after the cats and Carmen will be back on the Thursday so they won't be alone for too long. I can't wait to see Flash-that is my parents' dog. I bought her for them in the spring of 2003. I got her from the animal shelter in my home town. We didn't realize until we got her home that she is actually blind in one eye. She may have about 10 percent of vision. The vet figures she was scratched as a puppy-maybe when the puppies were crawling over each other to get to their mom. Other than that, I really dont' know much about her days before she came to live with us. She and her sisters were dropped off at the shelter at probably about 9 weeks. They were super young. She looked like a lab when I got her, but now she has the german shepherd markings on her face, between her toes and on her rear. I'll try to get a good picture of her when I am home and post it. (Actually, there might be one already up, but I'll get a more recent one). She is very protective of me and my mom. The other day she growled at my dad for picking my mom up. She also has a bit of an attitude problem when it comes to other dogs. Even though she grew up with Jetta, she is very territorial. Sometimes she doesn't let Jetta near me-that is when she gets put outside by herself. She can't stand being by herself. It's the worst punishment possible for her. She spent a lot of time camping with my dad and grandpa when she was a baby. There were a lot of big dogs around running loose and I think she learned then that she had to defend herself. I also think she throws her weight around because she can't see out of her one eye. Oh well, she's cute and I love her very muchAnyway, it is time to feed Jetta. She is pacing around behind me and nudging me with her nose. (Medley is also over. Ashley went grocery shopping with Tenie and he stayed here. I will hav to make sure he doesn't try to steal Jetta's food. She is definitely not the dominant dog). I also have to kick Sisu off my lap. she climbed up as soon as I turned my computer on. I think she likes the humming sound it makes. Too cute!


L^2 said...

Hi Girls,
Good luck at your swim meet, and hope you have a great trip home. Congrats to your Grandparents!
Laura, Willow, & Stella

Jess and Jetta said...

Hey ladies, thanks! Swimming went well and my grandparents were soooo surprised.