Saturday, January 28, 2006

It was a gorgeous day here in Waterloo today. I swear it was more like May than January. I think Mother Nature is very confused-hmmm, could it be from all of the crap we pump into the atmosphere? Anyway, I went for a haircut this afternoon, after two classes and a grooling swim practice. Jetta did amazingly. It was the first time she and I had walked there on our own and she had a flawless performance. I have to admit I was a little nervous, but the instant she found the door all of my doubts vanished and I was absolutely ecstatic. It's a feeling a guide dog handler can't quite explain to a non-guide dog handler. (No offense to you non-guide dog users, you're really great people too). An hour later, I emerged a new, happy girl. My dog had found a place we had only been to twice last semester and my hair was no longer falling into my eyes and up my nose. Christena met me and she, Jett and I took the bus to one of our lovely shopping facilities-otherwise known as a mall. Tomorrow evening she, Carmen and I are heading to the Archaeology formal and she desperately needed new dress shoes. The ones she owned were ancient and were about to bite the dust. We hit a few shoe stores with no luck. She was very distraught as most of the strappy sandals made her feet "look like hams!" (Those are her words, not mine). She was starting to get worried when we found a nice silver heel with a little bow that were on sale for sixteen dollars. It was meant to be! We also stopped in and bought Ashley a home warming gift at a fantastic store called Green Earth. I love that store! I think we should move in. She had mentioned wanting a celtic cross and this store was just the place. We perused their Celtic cross selection and settled on a white, gold rimmed cross from Saint Pattrick's era. It's quite lovely. I think I want one for myself. I also found myself a Celtic charm called Brigit's Sun: which is the sign for inner light. It's basically a woman sitting on a half moon with a star beside her. There was another charm with a unicorn on it, which stood for protection and prosperity, but unfortunately they were sold out. Oh well, there is always next time. We finished the evening off by stopping off at Ashley's for tea after supper and giving her the cross. We have just gotten home from tea and I am about to head to bed. I have my first swim meet in six months and I need to be rested up. I am a little nervous, but I am glad because it's here in Waterloo. (Yay, no travelling). Jetta will be happy it's here too. Whenever she sees me get the suitcase out she mopes. I have often caught her removing items from the pockets as well. Maybe she figures if she unpacks, I'll get the hint and we won't go. (Sooooo cute)! She is going to spend the night with Ashley tomorrow so that she is not left alone while her Mom and her two other aunts shake their groove thangs. (Don't ask). We'll pick her up after the formal and I am sure she'll be happy to see us-but she'll also be happy we didn't drag her along. Anyway, I should sleep: tomorrow is going to be a busy day. Oh yeah, I have also been looking for motivating quotes to inspire me for practices and meets. So the quote for today is: "Your body hears everything your mind says." So very true.

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